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GWT at the annual Summerland plant sale!

Stop by my table at this annual fun Mother’s Day weekend event and say hello! I’ll have all things Spring from the store, with vintage planters and vases, (to show off your new purchases), fibre art flowers for year round blooming beauty, and vibrant coloured bags from Lillith Moon.

IMG-20130304-01807 IMG-20130304-01811 "Marie" Bags by Lillith Moon   "MacIntosh Red" Wool Applique by Michele Dore"Whig Rose" Wool Applique by Michele Dore    IMG-20130228-01710    Gypsy 088

My dear friend and fabulous fibre artist Barbara Younger will be looking after the shop this weekend, we’ll be open from 10-2pm on Saturday May 11. Sorry for the shorter hours!